Saturday, November 6, 2010


I just love Halloween.  Not the scary, gross, haunted houses part of Halloween.  But the apple cider, pumpkins and cake donuts part of Halloween.  I love the leaves changing color and the cooler weather.   I love watching my kids get dressed up to go trick or treating.  It is so cool  to watch them get excited to gather candy all they can.  Not that I want all that candy in my house.  But I always love a reason to celebrate something.  This Halloween will be more special because Brandon will be with us this year!!  Last year he was out of town.

My reason for all this ranting is to reflect on our time on the pumpkin patch a few weekends ago. (I am a little behind in my blogging.)  Because every good Halloween needs a good pumpkin!  We came home with five, one for each of us.  We went to Thomassson Farms in Enumclaw, Washington.

    **On a side note, we had to replace Seamus's pumpkin a few weeks later.  It got so rotten even before we cut into it.  I heard it was a bad season for pumpkins.  It rained a lot here this summer. 

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    1. Are they strolling along the pumpkin patch holding hands???? Holy crap,I wanna scream from all the cuteness!