Monday, April 26, 2010

Other Ohio fun we had!

I feel like our time in Ohio flew by because we always seemed to be doing something or seeing someone.  We took the boys to an Indians game and they won!  It was their first at home win!  I think they really liked the game, but they really like meeting Slider (the mascot for the Cleveland Indians)!!

We also spent a lot of time outside!  The weather was awesome!  We soaked up the sun with days at parks, the beach and Play-In-Bay! We took a lot of walks around my parents' block, which usually ended with us stopping at the park at the end of their street.  Oh, and we can't forget the Bay Nature Center!!  Who could miss out on this FREE attraction!! 

And the food was yummy!  We got to visit some of local spots that we had missed while we were away!!  Including Brio, Primo Vino, Mitchell's Ice Cream, BW-3's and Pizza by Robert!!  Yummy!

I feel so blessed to have been able to have this time with my family and Ohio friends!  It felt like God was hugging me the whole trip!  And I am pretty sure that my Grandpa Reilley asked God for nice weather while we were there!

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