Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter Time Fun!

I have so much to post about.  I have much to catch up and the back log was daunting.  Instead of overwhelming myself I decided to start with the fairly recent.  I guess some blog is better than no blog.  Right?

Easter has come and gone.  With it came friends, family, Easter egg hunts and candy.  Too much candy! We were so lucky that my brother and his girlfriend, Sara, were able to join us for the weekend. (The picture of them is from the Nature Center!  We visited there on Good Friday.)

We started the morning off with the dig through the Easter baskets.  The big bunny left each kid: pajamas, a t-shirt, a stuffed animal, a book and some candy.  They were also some bubbles and bubble machine to share.  Grandma Marnie also recorded each of the kids a bedtime story book.  Which the kids loved to flip through and hear her voice. 

The day continued with a big breakfast, a big lunch and even bigger dinner. Breakfast and dinner was eaten at my mom's house.  For lunch, we met family at my Aunt Nancy's house.  

Our Anniversary was the day after Easter.  Here is us on Easter Sunday.  A day shy of being married 7 years!  Go us!

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