Friday, September 10, 2010

Aunt Brigid comes to play!

We were so lucky that Aunt Brigid came to laugh, play and dance with us!  It was a great time.  It started off with the airport and Target.  I must say that these are two fun places for little boys.  Especially when one of them has birthday money to spend.  Owen picked out a Lightning McQueen car.   Surprise!  Surprise!!  We also made a homemade carrot cake.  I made the cake.  Brigid made the frosting.

Saturday, we played at the Puyallup Farmers' Market.  We window shopped, ate street food and had a relaxing afternoon.  That night we went to BJ'S for dinner.

We went to the Seattle Mariners Game on Sunday.  We sat in the Bleachers.  We got video taped to be put on the scoreboard!!!  This has never happened to me.  What fun!  I am not really sure if we ever made it up on the scoreboard because we were sitting directly under it.  The boys weren't really interested in the camera.  We tried to get them to wave, but they were unimpressed.  They were more interested in the peanuts, red vines, hot dogs and pop.  Who doesn't love Ballpark food??

We love when people come and visit us!  We are hoping Brad can join Brigid next time.  That way Brandon will have someone to talk computer shop with.

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  1. I feel like Seamus' days of "cheese" for pictures was short lived. You guys gotta chill on the picture taking with him, he's treating you like the paprazzi, look at how stern he is?